2019 Prizes

What’s more fun than a drone? A mini-drone. This little baby is good for flying at home, at the beach or at the park. It can be controlled by your smartphone and captures video in case you need to spy on the neighbors

The YETI Colster®  keeps beer stupid cold, for a long time. Leave your brew on the beach and go for a swim and it will still be frosty when you get back. Don’t miss your chance to take home one of these bad boys.

Who doesn’t love a free T-shirt? If you answered “nobody,” then you are correct. We’re giving away a few of these stunning, one-of-a-kind Beerfest Bingo T-shirts. Perfect attire for your next barcrawl, concert, wedding, or child’s birthday party (well, maybe). Register for our drawing.

What’s better than Beer Pong? Beer Pong in a pool! This inflatable Beer Pong table let’s you work on your game while working on your tan. A built in cooler keeps your back up brews handy and your kitchen floor dry.

Think you are the beer king? No one can dispute your claim to the throne with this awesome crown. Holds two beverages for sipping on the go at your next formal affair. Bow-tie (unfortunately) not included.

Like shooting stuff and drinking beer? Who, doesn’t…. pop a cap in your friends with this delightful little doohickey. Works on most beer bottles and shoots surprisingly far,. You know you want one of these, we are giving away three.

That’s right, it’s a Beer Pong Hat! Two of them in fact. If we need to explain this further this might just be the game for you. F*ck tables, am I right?

FREE BEER! Special shoutout to our brewery sponsors for providing us with vouchers for free beer. including this sweet four pack of 32 oz. crowlers from Hidden Sands.

Keep your drinks cold with this  white stainless steel Growler with the Athletic  Brewing Co. logo. Secure screw top. Perfect for water or keeping beer frosty cold. Holds about two beers. Did you know Athletic Brewing Co. makes a non-alcoholic beer that actually tastes good? Crazy right? Be sure to give it a try at the 2019 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival.

Our prizes will be distributed at our live prize giveaway event at The Cove in Brigantine New Jersey starting at 6 p.m. on 4/20/2019. We have loads of fun bar swag to giveaway including more t-shirts, bar signs, bottle openers, gift certificates and so much more. We will notify all prize winners via the email provided on their cards so that they don’t miss this great event.