Register Your Card

A game card is required to play Beerfest Bingo. Cards can only be obtained at the 2019 Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival. To play find one of our representatives¬† to receive your card. Visit the breweries on your game card to receive stamps. When you have completed “Bingo” or better, you can register your card at the Beerfest Bingo table to be entered into our online prize drawing. If by chance you forget to hand in your card, just¬† enter your information in the fields below and upload a picture of your game card.

  • This year your card number is provided when you claim your first prize at the Beerfest Bingo table.
  • Entering the pirze drawing adds your provided contact information to our email list. Which will be used to contact you by Beerfest Bingo in the event that you are chosen as a prize winner and with very occasional announcements to which you can opt out at any time. Beerfest Bingo will share your email only with the breweries and sponsors on our gamecards. These breweries may or may not choose to contact you with communications to which you may opt-out at any time as is required. Beerfest Bingo will never sell your information and is designed for the dual purpose of connecting breweries at the festival to people who like beer and giving away fun prizes. Thanks for reading the terms and conditions and for playing Beerfest Bingo